Representative Penny’s HB 581 Passes Unanimously in House

Representative Penny’s House Bill 581 passed in the House unanimously with a vote of 113-0 on May 13th. The bill has now been sent to the Senate, where it is being considered. House Bill 581: Driver’s License Designation/Autism would direct the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to develop a voluntary driver’s license designation for persons with autism spectrum disorder and require training for law enforcement on the designation and recognizing and appropriately interacting with persons with autism spectrum disorder. The full bill can be read at

  • 4/15/21- HB 581 Introduced by Rep. Penny

  • 4/19/21- Passed First Reading and Referred to Transportation Committee

  • 5/12/21- Passed Second Reading 113-0

  • 5/13/21- Sent to NC Senate and referred to Rules Committee

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